As their name suggests, source images are the source from which your patterns are generated. This article describes how to work with them.

For inspiration on what kind of images work well, check outIdeas for source images .

What is a source image?

A source image is the image that a pattern is based off. Under the Pattern tab (1), you will find the current source image (2). A portion of the source image is used to repeat the pattern, which is described in more detail in Sample selection.


Source images in collection

You can find all source images linked to the current collection by clicking on Change image (1) in the Pattern tab and looking for the images under In this project (2):


You can recognise the currently used source image by its purple border. You can switch to another image simply by clicking it.

<aside> đź’ˇ Tip: Click on a selected image to go straight to the pattern tab. So, click twice on an image to both select and start editing it!


Add source image

To add a source image to your current collection, click on Change image (1) in the Pattern tab and looking and. choose between the 3 options:


Upload image

When you Upload (2) an image, it will be stored in your online account, just like your collections. After uploading, Repper does not rely on the image on your device anymore. Indeed, you can log into Repper from any computer or tablet and you will have access to all your previously uploaded images—both in your current collections, or to be added to new ones.