Repper turns the selected part of a source image into a pattern. Changing the selection is the most common way to explore the pattern possibilities of a source image.

Where is the sample selector?

Under the Pattern Tab (1) you will find the Sample selector (2).

The shape in the centre is the part that will be repeated. Depending on which of the Tilings you have selected, it may be a rectangle or triangle.


Change selection


Drag the selection area to move it around:

<aside> 💡 Find the selection too fiddly to grab and drag? While your in Design mode, you can also drag the pattern surface to move the selection around. Give it a go to see how nice it works!



Drag any of the selection handles to change the size of the selection:

<aside> 💡 While in Design mode, you can also scale the selection by scrolling (with your scroll wheel) while you are hovering over the pattern surface.


Fine control with keyboard

You can use the arrow keys to move the selection in small steps.

Hold down the Shift key while pressing the arrow keys take bigger steps.

<aside> 💡 Here is an overview of all ‣