A tiling is a template of how to construct a pattern.

Repper has 30 built-in tilings, making it easy for you to create such patterns without having to know how to construct them by hand.

Introduction video

A 2-minute introduction to tilings in Repper:


What is a tiling?

A tiling is a template that defines each tiling's unique look. It may include reflections, rotations and more.

Take the Facade tiling (technically called PMM): It takes the imagery and reflects it horizontally (1). Then, it reflects the whole thing vertically (2) as well, resulting in the finished Facade tiling.


The great thing about Repper is that it does all this hard work for you, so all you have to do is figuring out which tiling you'd like to use.

Select a tiling

To change tiling, head to the Pattern tab (1) and click on the Tiling selector (2):


The pattern updates as you hover over the tiling options, so you can instantly see what you'll get:


<aside> 💡 Keyboard shortcut You can also use the keys [ and ] to quickly switch between tilings at any time.


View all tilings

If you want get a quick overview of all tilings options, click the Tiling overview icon: