If you find a great design, save it as a snapshot so you can access it again later. It stores all the pattern settings, so you can keep tweaking it right from where you left off.

What are snapshots?

Snapshots capture a pattern design, to keep save while you continue exploring.

Snapshots are saved per collection and stored in the dark sidebar.

Click on a snapshot thumbnail will bring back that pattern, including all the related settings: the used source image, tiling, selection and effects.


Saving a pattern as snapshot

Click the Plus button to add a snapshot with the current pattern to the list:


Deleting a snapshot

Hover over the snapshot and click the Remove button to remove the snapshot:


<aside> 💡 Accidentally removed a snapshot? Use the undo button (or ctrl-z) to bring it back.


Viewing and managing snapshots

When you save a lot of snapshots to your collection, the sidebar can get a little crowded.

Head over to the Current Collection screen to get a good overview and review and sort your designs.

Learn more in View collections and Manage collections.