Repper is a design tool for making symmetric patterns. From minimalistic to elaborate, it's a boundless source of inspiration.

This guide will quickly will get you up to speed with the basics. For more in-depth guides, check out our Repper Help Centre.

4-minute intro video

Prefer a video over a step-by-step written tutorial? Watch this:

Open the app

You can jump straight into the app via

Create your first pattern

If you just launched the app for the first time, you'll be looking at the demo collection.

If you aren't there already, head to the Pattern tab (1) and drag the Selection box (2) around to change the selection area. Yup, that's how easy it is!


<aside> 📖 Learn more about Sample selection


Pick a tiling

The Tiling button (3) lets you choose from over two dozen tilings. We are regularly releasing new tilings!


The Tiling Overview button (4) gives you an overlay will a live preview of all available tilings.