Effects help you can change the look and feel of the pattern in many ways.

What are effects?

Effects take your pattern as input and change it in some way. An easy example is the "Black & White" effect, which will turn your pattern to greyscale.

List of effects

You can find effects under the Effects tab (1).

You can use the toggles (2) to turn effects on and off.


Effect parameters

Each effect has a set of parameters. Some effects are pretty straightforward, others have lots of options that provide a wide range of possibilities. The best way to figure out how they work is to play with the controls.


<aside> 💡 An effect will remember its configuration when you turn it off. So don't worry and feel free to experiment by turning various effects off and on.


Combining effects

You can combine effects any way you want, so have fun exploring the options.

Effects are executed in the order they are shown in. For example, say you turn on both the Vignette and Duo Tone effect. The black vignette will get applied first; thereafter the whole image (including the vignette) will get the duotone treatment, turning the black vignette purple.


<aside> ⚠️ Not all effects work in tile export. Read Tile export and effects to learn more.


Curious about the Metamorphosis effect shown above? Here’s how it works:


We’ve also got a video on the duotone effect (including monotone and tritone):